Sheri Roberge

Data Specialist

(707) 522-3102

Sheri Roberge is a Data Specialist for the Sonoma County SELPA and Sonoma County Charter SELPA. Also known as "Ace of SEIS," Sheri provides support and training in using SEIS, and data reporting through CALPADS, as well as producing a myriad of required reports. Sheri hosts a Data Technician Users' Group on a monthly basis, and holds weekly CALPADS reporting drop-in hours, virtually. She has also produced numerous training and help videos to assist Data Technicians, Teachers, and other Service Providers in using SEIS and reporting data. Check out the YouTube channel where these videos are posted.   

Sonoma SELPA/Charter SELPA YouTube Channel


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Sheri Roberge
Data Specialist
(707) 522-3102

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