California public school districts may contract with certified non-public agencies to provide services to their students with IEPs. School districts may also contract with certified non-public schools for their students with IEPs. Typically, school districts will contract with outside agencies or schools when one of their students has educational needs that the school district cannot meet with its current staffing. Non-public schools are a special education school and a placement in such a school must be made by an IEP team. To expend special education funds on non-public agencies or non-public schools, the agencies or schools must have a current certification by the California Department of Education (CDE). CDE maintains a spreadsheet of currently certified agencies and schools (link below).  Sonoma County SELPA has a master contract which covers many NPAs and NPSs in Sonoma County and adjacent counties, with agreed upon rates and services. The Master Contract, and supporting Exhibits, as well as information about NPAs and NPSs, and the services they provide and students they support, are available by clicking on the button below.